as my plant collection grew, so did the need for places to put my green babies. i always wanted a ton of plants in our bedroom, similar to our flats in melbourne. after i filled the window sill with plants (please check out our bedroom sill) i moved onto the shelf that i’ve always used in place of a nightstand on one side of the bed. i got this shelf from ikea years ago – it’s called hyllis. i like it because it’s cheap and made of galvanized steel. as such, it can be used indoors and outdoors. in fact, i bought two more to put out on my balcony.

disclaimer: these plants don’t live on this shelf on the daily. the only ones who permanently live here are my scindapsus pictus ‘argyraeus,’ orchid, aeschynanthus longicaulis ‘black pagoda,’ baby aloe, syngonium podophyllum, and rhipsalis. i like to rearrange the others from time to time to mix it up but return the other plants back to their regular places.

the ever changing bedroom plant shelfie

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