november’s #lostinplantopia book feature is forest bathing by dr. qing li. the book explains the practice of shinrin-yoku, being in forests or nature & deeply connecting with them for peace & calm, happiness, & better health. using anecdotes & research studies, dr. li shows how shinrin-yoku can reduce stress levels & strengthen your immune system among other benefits.

the book is easy to read & includes beautiful photos, while reading it i almost felt as though i was engaged in shinrin-yoku. dr. li describes how to practice shinrin-yoku & also provides methods for city dwellers who might not have access to green spaces nearby – no surprise, houseplants were discussed! overall, this book provided me with a sense of hope that if we collectively spend more time connected to nature, we will learn to love it & will work to protect it. 🌵🌲🌳🌴🌱🌿

with how cold it’s getting out here in toronto i’ll be spending my time indoors practicing shinrin-yoku with my plants & reading books. if you’re looking for some book ideas, please check out #📚lostinplantopiaon instagram for my past book features. they include plant books written by indigenous women, books on self-love & meditation, art books, & a book on the anthropocene.

forest bathing by dr. qing li

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