this is a recent photo of the plants next to my side of the bed. i wanted to have a little garden in our bedroom but there isn’t much space. i also didn’t want light to be obstructed from the top since it keeps the room bright and reaches the plants farther away from the window. my solution was to hang plants on a clothing rack from ikea, which can be found here: mulig clothes rack.

the clothing rack was given to me by my sister after she used it for a friend’s bridal shower to hold up a wall of flowers she made. it was perfect to reuse it and because i hung plants on the rack, it prevented me from drilling holes in my walls. it also acts as a plant curtain, sorta blocking out the city views and the view of the side of our balcony. 

if you’d like to see the evolution of this area, please check out #jmbedroomsill on instagram. 

a photo of my bedroom sill situation august 2018

for more photos of the bedroom plants please check out the shelf in our room here: bedroom shelf and the plant bench in our room here: bedroom bench.

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