a small collection of plants from lostinplantopia + locally sourced plants + hand-painted / repurposed pots

thank you for your support! i am donating 30% of the proceeds from the plant sale to black creek community farm. in the end we raised $200, which is enough funds to provide boxes of fresh food to four families for two weeks.


2 SOLD begonia medora

SOLD caladium aaron

SOLD ceropegia woodii variegata

SOLD coleus in a glass jar

SOLD epipremnum aureum njoy aka pothos njoy

SOLD epipremnum aureum njoy aka pothos njoy in repurposed coffee container + macrame hanger

SOLD ficus benjamina

SOLD fittonia albivenis

SOLD hoya sigillatis

SOLD ledebouria socialis aka silver squill

SOLD maranta leuconeura lemon lime

4 SOLD monstera adansonii

2 SOLD monstera adansonii in hanging terracotta pot

2 SOLD monstera deliciosa baby [small]

SOLD monstera deliciosa in hand-made ceramic pot

SOLD peperomia argyreia

SOLD peperomia clusiifolia jellie [x-small]

SOLD peperomia clusiifolia jellie [small]

2 SOLD philodendron cordatum neon

SOLD philodendron cordatum neon with variegation

SOLD philodendron hederaceum brasil

SOLD philodendron mamei

SOLD philodendron moonlight

2 SOLD philodendron pink princess

SOLD pilea involucrata

SOLD saintpaulia aka african violet

2 SOLD sansevieria black gold

SOLD scindapsus pictus argyraeus

SOLD selenicereus chrysocardium

SOLD senecio stapeliiformis in a hand-made concrete pot

SOLD syngonium podophyllum in a hand-made ceramic pot

SOLD zz in a glass vase

hand-painted pots

SOLD cloud

SOLD dusk

SOLD kaleidoscope

horticultural therapy

dr. jennifer ma [msw, rsw, phd]

i hold degrees in psychology + social work & i am a registered social worker. i provide community-based, culturally-relevant horticultural therapy services from a relational + buddhist framework.

click the button below to inquire about booking a workshop or session.

plant care as self care
1 hour workshop
$35 – $50
horticultural therapy
1 hour session
horticultural therapy
5 sessions x 1 hour each
horticultural therapy for groups
1 to 2 hour workshop(s)
donate a workshop / horticultural therapy session to a bipoc person$35 – $100
for the time being all services are being offered online only

donations for workshops/horticultural therapy sessions for black, indigenous, and people of colour folks

as part of my efforts to redistribute resources please consider donating funds so that i can offer plant care as self care workshops or horticultural therapy sessions for bipoc folks free of charge πŸ’•