thank you for being here. i am bringing my work to patreon with the objective of providing resources + engaging in critical conversations on anti-colonial + anti-racist ways of being, while encouraging folx to practice self care + community care. my goal is to develop a small + intimate community where i intentionally share knowledge that will equip us with the tools to have deeper discussions about how to move forward in the fight for liberation & collective healing. i will use patreon to provide education & to inspire transformation + compassionate action through raising consciousness. to sign up please click here ❤ i’ll be starting the course on july 2, 2020

thank you for supporting my work & for being inclined to read this as a result. i truly appreciate you. i am very passionate about the work i do & i have invested a lot of time, energy, emotional & intellectual labour to develop content that encourages folx to be vulnerable & to do better. if you’ve ever gotten value from my voice in the plant community on ig or on my blog, this would be the best way to support my efforts in continuing to develop meaningful content.

i am excited to share this space with my community to do the work together, bring us back to our roots, & journey on as a collective of individuals invested in growing by unlearning + learning. i bring my lived experiences & insight, along with my academic + professional qualifications. i am curating a course focused on how to be anti racist (anti racism 101), and will facilitate critical discussions while engaging in plant care as self care. my hope is that through radical action, we will bring about a paradigm shift towards respect, care, & liberation.

description of course

the objective of the course is to learn how to be anti-racist & to learn the language of anti-racism to be able to have conversations in our communities. ideally, the course will involve the active participation of all individuals involved. it is important to commit to doing the work together & relationally. however, given the times we are living in, it is possible to engage with the materials at your own pace. in that regard, people are welcome to sign up & join the community anytime. i plan on scheduling sessions ahead of time that will be interactive for everyone to participate in.

the course will be ongoing & each week i will send out materials to be reviewed. i will include some questions to journal about or discuss with others. i will also include self care activities, in the form of mental wellness tips, plant care, & creative projects. this is because it is so important to try & create a sense of balance & to take care of ourselves while we do the ugly & hard work of unlearning & learning. ultimately, i hope to provide a knowledge base & common language so that we can have meaningful, compassionate, & constructive conversations on how we move forward from here.

course outline

the course will involve different types of media + activities, such as reading materials, watching films/docs, listening to lectures/presentations/podcasts, engaging with art, participating in activism, reflecting, feeling, writing & creating. i will be centering the works + voices of bipoc throughout the course & will be inviting bipoc folx to present or facilitate sessions. course topics include:

  • the history of colonization + racism
  • systemic discrimination + racial inequities/disparities
  • racial trauma
  • resiliency
  • the myriad of ways in which racism plays out
  • anti-black racism
  • anti-native racism
  • anti-asian racism
  • white supremacy/whiteness
  • power & relationships
  • implicit bias
  • how to address racial bias
  • how to respond to racism
  • how to respond to being called racist
  • how to speak up + take action
  • radical love
  • collective healing
  • compassion + growing our souls
  • community
  • & more

your tangible support directly funds my work & contributes to making it sustainable. since completing my studies, it has been a struggle to find full time work as an academic, especially as a anti-racist woman of colour. during this time i have continued to organize & raise funds for community-based projects for marginalized folx, focusing on plants + gardens. honouring my work in this concrete way supports my overall well-being, allows me to continue to do the work i am passionate about online + offline, & supports this space. it also provides me with funds to invite & compensate black, indigenous, & people of colour folx for their time, knowledge, work & contributions presenting/facilitating sessions. lastly, your support will allow me to engage in original research focused on plants, people, & politics.

the work + conversations on here require courage + vulnerability. if you would like to support my work with a one-time contribution rather than becoming a monthly patron, you can do so here. thank you for your support & for joining me & this community. i look forward to getting to know you. please hit me up on ig or on here if you have any questions.

with love,

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