so it’s not quite a bench but also not quite a table lol so i went with bedroom bench to describe this set up. when we moved into our condo, we weren’t sure what to do with that bit of space between the wall and our bed. for the longest time i had plants lined up against the wall since they get a great deal of bright, indirect light in this spot. chris and i didn’t want to spend money on new furniture (side note: most of my furniture has been with me since i moved out of my parents’ place). so we started by looking for used side tables but didn’t find anything we liked. we then opted to create our own plant stand, as there really wasn’t anything else we wanted placed across from our bed except for plants. we wanted something that would blend in so we chose to go with concrete and eastern wood pine.


all we did was get four blocks and then got the wood plank cut in half at home depot. once we got the pieces home, we set two blocks at the bottom and then placed on plank on top and then repeated this process with the rest of the materials. my little socker greenhouse from ikea fits perfectly and i can place low light and humidity loving plants there. 

also, i’ve been asked about the monstera lechliriana climbing the wall. to be honest, i haven’t done a professional job. i just stuck push pins in my wall to support the vines.

if you’re interested, the rest of the bedroom plant fam can be seen via posts on the sill and the shelf in our room.

first thing i see when i get up in the morning ❤ 

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