october’s #lostinplantopia book feature is arts of living on a damaged planet edited by a multidisciplinary team that includes anna tsing, heather swanson, elaine gan, & nils bubandt. to be honest, i have yet to finish reading this book but i love what i’ve read so far. i also love the design & how it is split into two parts. one deals with ghosts, specifically landscapes haunted by human created violence & the other monsters, looking at how all species interact on this planet. 

i appreciate how the editors incorporated scientific, philosophical, critical, & artistic essays on the impact that humans have on life on earth. the objective of the book is to reimagine how we can collectively change our ways to survive. my one critique is that there were not enough indigenous essays, which are essential for a comprehensive understanding of what’s being called the anthropocene. 

i know it’s disheartening to be engaged with this topic but it’s so important to have awareness & to think about issues such as climate change from a critical & feminist perspective 💚

arts of living on a damaged planet by dr. tsing & colleagues

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