december’s #📚lostinplantopia book feature is the best we could do by thi bui. this book means so much to me – i wish i could have given it to myself as a child (representation matters!) thi writes about her family’s journey fleeing vietnam to america in the late 70s in a beautifully illustrated graphic novel. she weaves together her family history & their present day lives, while providing historical, social & political context from a critical perspective.

words can not describe how this book made me feel. i read it in one sitting and i cried & laughed as i recognized the parallels between my life & thi’s. engaging with her story encouraged me to have difficult conversations & to continue healing on my own & with my family. sometimes you need to look back in order to move forward.

storytelling & creating narratives that are representative of our lived experiences are so important. i’m glad i found this book & i hope others enjoy it as much as i did. my final reflection: i’m proud of my family & grateful for the sacrifices they’ve made 💚

the best we could do by thi bui

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