my balcony was my paradise over the summer. i spent most of it working on revisions & as a space to relax and unwind. please see #jmbalconyshelves on ig for how this area has changed over the summer szn. 

notes for s/s 2019:

  • bigger containers for tomato plants  🍅 we were given seedlings at the local park & weren’t sure if they would grow on our balcony. our total harvest comprised five cherry tomatoes (better than our expectation of 0 😂) & the cucumber seedling didn’t make it.
  • my geranium made it through another growing season ♻️ i know these plants are sold at gardening centres as annuals, but i overwintered mine and was pleased to see flowers again.
  • during heat waves some plants were moved into an area with more shade & watered more often than usual 💦 my thirstier plants were watered a few times a week at the height of summer.
balcony plants s/s 2018

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