love & hope make the world go round 💞 today i’m focusing on compassion & why it is super important. i know it may sound cheesy, but for real – given the dark times we’re living in we gotta do our best. compassion is a practice where we take time to be fully present with ourselves or another. so what does it look like?

💗 being loving & respectful

🌈 no judgment, just acceptance

🌀 deep listening – no analysis, no advice

🌿 being still – in solitude or company

as grace lee boggs (2012) put it, these are the times to grow our souls, to heal & spread love. we gotta do the work to transform ourselves despite the oppressive systems that are in place to maintain the status quo & the ongoing marginalization of particular groups of people. in doing so, we challenge & change the system through our revolution of love & compassion.

every bit counts! collectively, we can exercise our power to make conscious choices in our daily lives & make a difference. we have a responsibility to ourselves, others, & the planet to do so. sometimes this work seems onerous (i struggle, too!) but through compassion we can allow our past to become the fuel for the creation of a more caring, just, & sustainable world


my scindapsus pictus argyraeus

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