one of the the most important books i’ve read is all about love by feminist activist/scholar bell hooks. i read it for the first time in 2013. it was a heavy period in my life & i found this book when i needed it most. it made me feel uncomfortable & liberated at the same time. 

love is something that is essential, yet is under-discussed. like with everything, there were parts that i didn’t totally agree with & the book is now a bit outdated, however the objective is so important. bell hooks critically analyzes love & provides a definition of love as a verb – the will to extend oneself for one’s own or another’s growth through unconditional care, affection, respect, trust, open + honest communication, commitment, & recognition. by sharing her lived experience she encourages introspection into our own lives & relationships. my takeaway was the importance of learning how to love myself, others & society at large 💚

all about love by bell hooks

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