another book which has taught me so much about plants, life, & anishinaabe knowledge is “plants have so much to give us, all we have to do is ask” by the late mary siisip geniusz. 

taking an anti-colonial stance, this book privileges aboriginal knowledge while incorporating western thought. through story telling, mary shares teachings about plants that have been passed on for generations. she talks about how important it is to share anishinaabe knowledge so that it can grow with what one experiences & gathers in their life. 

please have a read! this work has been an inspiration and helped me as i was working through thesis revisions & reflecting on the interconnectedness of life. i will leave you with a quote from the book: “plants are the source of life on this planet … if plants are not here, neither are we. we are all in this life together & to survive we must all survive.” 💚🌿

sundays are for plants & books

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