this month’s #📚lostinplantopia book feature is so you want to talk about race by ijeoma oluo. racism has always been a difficult topic for me – from being bullied for being chinese to being told to go back to where i come from to experiencing racial microaggressions & systemic racism in academia. race affects me, my family, my friends, & our communities.

previously, i found it really hard to have conversations about race because i felt rage & felt attacked by others who didn’t understand. ijeoma comes through with a book that provides a foundation for meaningful conversations about race & racism. through story telling & using critical theory & research, ijeoma articulates issues of race in a way that everyone can relate to. she provides methods & guidelines for white & non white people to engage in difficult but important conversations about racism. 

this book is everything & it should be read by everyone. given the political moment we’re living in, now is the time to talk about race & how it shapes our society so we can dismantle systems of oppression. small actions create real change & eradicating racial oppression begins with ourselves, our homes, our communities, & our cities. together we can develop solutions & carry them out towards justice & equity.

so you want to talk about race by ijeoma oluo

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