as a rule of thumb, try to mimic your plant’s natural habitat. here are some tips on humidity & temperature. i conclude with a bit on the importance of air circulation for your plants.


in general, a relative humidity of 40% is required. however, some plants require high humidity similar to the rainforest & jungles they come from. in this case, it is best to aim for at least 60% relative humidity. i love placing plants together for lush vibes but also because it is good for their health. did you know that plants benefit from standing next to each other? the water vapor transpired by each plant is trapped in the close packs of foliage instead of being dispersed, creating a slightly more humid environment around all the plant babies. for humidity loving plants, such as fittonia, i’ve placed them in a terrarium. over winter, i use a humidifier as it makes home more comfortable to live in. 


different plants have different needs but in general, temperatures around 20 c or 68 f indoors work best. regarding night time temperatures, try to aim for 5 to 10 degrees below the daytime temperature. according to reader’s digest (1979), some plants would benefit from a cool winter rest period. hot temperatures are easier for plants to cope with as long as humidity is kept up. 


plants need air circulation & there is nothing better than natural air flow so if possible place your plants outside (i miss you summer)  🌬🌿 air movement makes plants physically stronger and studies have shown that air circulation increases the rate of photosynthesis by providing plants with fresh co2 to breathe in through their stomata (kitaya et al., 2003; monteith & unsworth, 1990; yakubi & miyagawa, 1970). stomata are pores on the underside of plant leaves and facilitate the process of taking in co2 and releasing oxygen. 

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