taking a moment to appreciate how incredible plants are. reason 3,472,587: every cell of a plant has the ability to duplicate all parts & functions of the plant 🌿 the best way to see this in action is by propagating your plants. this is an update of my garden of bits & pieces. these are parts of plants that broke off or cuttings of trailing plants that were getting too long. i have a habit of leaving cuttings in water forever 😂 if you’d like to see the evidence please check out #jmpropagationstation on instagram.

my garden of bits & pieces ~ from left to right: epipremnum aureum, hoya sigillati, scindapsus pictus ‘argyraeus,’ peperomia argyreia, peperomia prostrata, monstera lechleriana x2, callisia fragans, sansevieria trifasciata, hedera helix ‘variegata,’ some sort of echeveria in the last few pots

i love propagating plants. watching the roots growing amazes me and reminds me that we all grow at different rates. it’s my go to if a plant is looking like it might not make it. if it works, i feel hopeful as it’s a reminder of how amazing plants are. if it doesn’t work, it’s okay! i’ve learned from the ones that didn’t make it & tried again.


  • take a cutting of your plant, which should include two or three nodes or place a broken off part in water (it doesn’t hurt to try!)
  • check where to cut as there are different spots depending on the plant
  • some plants, e.g., peperomia + begonia, can be propagated using parts of their leaves
  • cuttings of some plants, e.g., sansevierias + succulents + cacti, should be left out to callous over before placing them in water (a day or two)
  • place the cutting in water & try not to submerge the leaves in water – remove leaves if needed
  • place the cutting on your brightest sill out of direct sunlight
  • change the water when it gets murky or if algae develops
  • i’ve been told that green slash darker bottles work best – however, i’ve used clear ones because that’s what i had available at home ♻️

if you want help with specific plants, i’ve provided info on propagation in each of my plant profiles. you can search for a plant up top, i’ll keep adding new profiles.

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